Shadowspec Unity™ The Evolution of Shade

The Unity™ is a great solution to outdoor shade. Designed as a modular system from its first iterations and drawings, the Unity™ is a thoughtful centrepiece of any enjoyable outdoor space. The Shadowspec Unity is our flagship model. The Multi-Canopy Cantilever design mounts up to four umbrellas off just one heavy-duty mast. Each umbrella can be operated separately allowing design and layout flexibility. You can determine and cater to any sized area you want.


Shadowspec Serenity™ Precision Engineered Ambience

Get inspired to create a comfortable & usable shade for every social occasion. The Shadowspec Serenity™ rotating cantilever umbrella evokes comfort and elegance in any location. Rotating 360-degrees with multiple locking positions give an unrivalled collaboration of wind-resistance and useability.



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