Fetuna Cassette

Developed in France and custom manufactured in New Zealand to withstand our harsh elements, the Fetuna Cassette awning combines maximum protection and modern design with minimal maintenance. The fabric skin and awning mechanisms are completely protected when retracted, ensuring a longer product life and superior functionality. Made with quality aluminium and stainless-steel components, the Fetuna Cassette is built to last and comes with a five-year warranty.

Horizon Monobloc

The Horizon Monobloc is elegantly engineered using European technology and styling. Providing robust protection from the elements, it allows you to merge indoor living with the outdoors all-year round.

Made with quality aluminium and stainless steel, the Horizon Monobloc is easily operated manually or automated with the press of a button. When automated, a wind or motion sensor can be added to retract the awning during high-impact conditions. An aluminium hood can also be included for a streamlined protected finish. The Horizon Monobloc comes with a five-year warranty and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it withstands extreme conditions. Through sophisticated design and technology, our products make the most of living, without the need to build or renovate.

Ellipse Monobloc

With its classic styling, the Ellipse Monobloc encapsulates simplicity and charm. It also provides a generous area of coverage – a width of up to five metres makes it ideal for lengths of deck and other outdoor areas with plenty of space to cover.

The Ellipse Monobloc is made with quality components and a solid structure to ensure long-lasting functional sun protection.

Integral Cassette

The classic design of the Integral Cassette awning works well across a range of architectural and design styles. The Integral Cassette is compact in size and renowned for its reliability, thanks to quality components that have long-served the European awning market.

Easy to install and operate, the awning can be retracted when not in use, ensuring the canvas and folding arms are completely concealed and not compromised by the elements. For effective sun protection, ease of use and style – the Integral Cassette is an excellent option for all environments.

Vertigo Window Awning

The Vertigo Window Awning can significantly reduce cooling costs during summer and protect interior furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays all-year round, while adding colour and style to your exterior.

Choose the material to suit your needs – Shadeview Mesh to provide visibility and diffused light or Docril canvas for privacy.