Dairy Wraps

Dairy Wraps

The Dairy Wrap Solution

On hot days, your silos lose considerable amounts of energy. Your refrigeration equipment works hard to keep the milk inside at the right temperature while the hot sun warms up the outside of the silo, transferring the heat inside.

This could be costing you thousands of dollars every year in unnecessary energy costs.

Plus, exposure to the sun also increases silo wear and tear, resulting in an increased maintenance requirement and a shorter lifespan.

At H&M Canvas, our dairy wraps are the solution. They are also known as milk silo insulation blankets.

Benefits of Our Dairy Wraps

Our dairy wraps are made from the best materials to ensure they are robust, effective, and long-lasting. They are also easy to install on your milk silo, protecting it from the heat of the sun and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Plus, as they are fitted with straps, our dairy wraps are also easy to remove.

Cut the cost of cooling your milk silos with a dairy wrap solution from H&M Canvas. Contact us today on 0279224544 to get a quote.