Canvas Seat Covers

Canvas Seat

Why Canvas Seat Covers Are Important

Canvas seats can take a beating, so it’s important you protect them with a tough and durable seat cover. This is because seat covers will help keep the inside of your canvas clean and tidy, plus they will protect your canvas’s value as the seats will stay in a good condition

In fact, it makes considerable financial sense to invest in canvas seat covers. The extra value your canvas will retain as well as savings you make on maintenance means canvas seat covers deliver a healthy return on investment.

What You Can Expect from Our Canvas Seat Covers

  • We offer heavy-duty seat covers designed for any type of work vehicle
  • This includes canvas, utes, vans, and construction equipment
  • All our canvas seat covers are hard-wearing
  • We have standard sizes available for popular makes and model, plus we offer made to measure solutions
  • Our seat covers will protect your canvas’s seats from water, mud, dirt, and grease
  • Our canvas seat covers are manufactured with a flexible material that is soft to the touch

If you have a query about our canvas seat covers, or you want to get a quote, please contact us today on 0279224544.